Saturday, March 11, 2017

An attack on all of us

This happened yesterday: Temple De Hirsch Sinai vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti.

Since the election in November, at least one synagogue and two mosques have been attacked in my area. Since January there have been over a hundred threats against Jewish organizations alone.
We've also heard a lot about freedom of religion in the USA recently, which has sadly demonstrated that a lot of Christians think that being asked to write "Congratulations Mike and Tim" on a cake is unbearable, while a bomb threat at your daycare is just something Jewish kids have to put up with for being "different".
This is all wrong. So so wrong.
To my Jewish friends and family, so many of whom have connections with Temple De Hirsh Sinai, I am so sorry for this. Keep telling your story so we can all hear it and take action together. Let me know when you need someone to stand with you, if I can I will come.
To all my other friends and family and anyone reading this - we can see before our eyes how minorities are being attacked. If we let this happen, history will cast judgement on our inaction. If we talk tough on terrorism but allow white supremacist terrorists to operate unhindered, history will cast judgement on our bigotry. If we use our own faith to persecute others, history will rightly denounce us for being persecutors, not praise us for being faithful.
We must dedicate ourselves to using our voices, our checkbooks, our elected leaders, and our votes, and commit ourselves to turning back this tide of hatred.